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2022/23 AGTBA Fundraising Raffle

AGTBA is a non profit 503C registered in the state of Minnesota. As you may or may not be aware, AGTBA heavily relies on our annual tournament for revenues to the organization. Additionally it is important to have an adequate reserve position in the event the tournament cannot be held, (due to weather). Net income earned during the year assists in subsidizing the cost per player to participate in traveling basketball. 

 At tryouts each family will be required to purchase ten $10.00 raffle tickets. These raffle tickets can be retained by the family or sold to interested parties in an effort to recover the initial cash outlay. For example, I will pay $100 for my 10 raffle tickets at tryouts and I may choose to keep them all myself for 10 chances to win, or to sell any or all of them and recover my initial $100 purchase. Raffle tickets are due to coaches by Friday, October 27, 2023.

When will the drawing take place?

  • November 5th at the AGTBA Board Meeting

What are the prizes?

  • One $500 cash prize
  • One $300 cash prize
  • One $200 cash prize

AGTBA appreciates your participation and support and looks forward to an exciting 2023-2024 traveling basketball season.