• Players must register online by September 5, 2022.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to attend both scheduled pre-tryout sessions (not mandatory)  at Oak View Middle school. 
  • Players are evaluated at tryouts by the High School Girls Basketball staff.
  • Teams are selected.  See Team Selection Process tab for more details
  • Players selected are posted on the AGTBA website the week of September 23rd.


Tryouts are open to all players in grades 3 through 8.

  • Tryouts are held in early fall and are open to any eligible players.
  •  Each grade level will have their own tryout time.
  • The tryout process shall be fair and understandable to each potential player, with independent judges (minimum of three) trying to accurately assess the skill level and abilities of each potential player, in an attempt to determine which team would be best suitable for each potential player.
  • Depending on tryout numbers, available coaching, and individual player ability, not every potential player may be placed on a team.
  • The tryout process is not open to parents. Only the potential players, independent judges, Board members (only if necessary, that do not have a potential player trying out) and selected coaches (even though they may have a potential player trying out) will be allowed to view the tryouts.
  • Potential players or players' parent may request to be selected to be placed on a B team, in the case where the player is eligible to be selected by an A team. This will need to be in writing and handed to the appropriate Tryout Director on the day of tryouts. The final decision will be decided by the board.
  • Tryout scores will be sealed after the teams are selected and saved for one year, and then destroyed.